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Enhanced Mushrooms Main Page
A mod that adds wood types for Mushrooms, and other miscellaneous mushroom goods.
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Enhanced Mushrooms adds new mushroom-related textures, a separate stem for Brown Mushrooms, mushroom wood types, and a few related foods. It also contains support for Glowshrooms from Quark. The mod is currently in active development and is released out for Forge 1.16.1. Mod Page: Enhanced Mushrooms

Current Version: Enhanced Mushrooms - 2.0.1

-  Compatible with Minecraft Version(s):  1.16.1
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Explanation of the various features used in Enhanced Mushrooms.




  • Thorough and detailed information on all Blocks available in Enhanced Mushrooms


  • Thorough and detailed information on all Items available in Enhanced Mushrooms

Status Effects

  • Thorough and detailed information on all Effects/Potions available in Enhanced Mushrooms


  • Thorough and detailed information on all Mobs available in Enhanced Mushrooms


  • Thorough and detailed information on all Biomes available in Enhanced Mushrooms
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Latest News:

  • June 20th 2020, MCVinnyQ has revamped the textures of the mod!
  • May 15th 2020, Initial Release

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