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Neapolitan Main Page
A mod that adds new tasty treats to Minecraft
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Neapolitan is a mod that adds Chocolate, Strawberries, and Vanilla to Minecraft!

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, vanilla can be found in savannas, and strawberries can be found in plains. There are plenty of new recipes and content to find.

Our intent is to offer unique content, visuals, and gameplay while staying true to the feel of Minecraft.
The mod is currently in active development and is released out for Forge 1.16.1.

Mod Page: Neapolitan

Current Version: Neapolitan 1.16.1 - 1.0.2

-  Compatible with Minecraft Version(s):  1.16.1
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  • Thorough and detailed information on all Blocks available in Neapolitan


  • Thorough and detailed information on all Items available in Neapolitan

Status Effects

  • Thorough and detailed information on all Effects/Potions available in Neapolitan


  • Thorough and detailed information on all Mobs available in Neapolitan
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Latest News:

  • August 20th 2020, Initial Release.

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