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Put the template at the end of a page. If the page is specific to ONE mod, then reference that mod.

Standard menu: {{menu}}

Mod menu with standard menu: {{menu | Upgrade Aquatic }}


The template is made up with wiki tables, a 'SimpleNavbox' template, and a 'displaynone' toggle.

  • Only add menus if you have been autherized in Discord. See Guidelines about creating new pages too.
  • TEST in your own Userspace before updating here if you can. You can't see mod menus unless you write it right.
  • Notice, first line of a mod menu: Mod name is included twice.
  • Only one blank line between tables. Blank lines between tables turn into gaps.
  • Copy the indenting - it helps readability as we can't have blank lines. Expecially submenus. Beware too much indentation can trigger the 'PRE tag death' wiki issues
  • To get nice spacing on the dots, no space after menu items ie: <li> [[Foo]]<li> [[Bar]]<li> - looking for fixes if you can find one.
  • Standard rules about minimalism, alphabetical, normal capitalization (not 'Camel Case'), and matching Minecraft Wiki stylings.
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