Status Effect

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  • A status effect is a helpful or harmful condition that affects an entity. Status effects can be inflicted in various ways throughout the game, including consuming potions and some food items, being in the range of beacons and conduits, touching a special block, and being attacked by or close to certain mobs.

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Summary of effects[edit]

Icon Name Effect Type Instant Mod
Spitting.png Spitting Makes the user spit out seeds that damage mobs Positive No Atmospheric
Relief.png Relief Heals the user if incoming damage is greater than or equal to the level Positive No Atmospheric
Worsening.png Worsening Increases incoming damage if it is greater than or equal to the level Negative No Atmospheric
Gelled.png Gelled Reduces burning damage, increases life regeneration and extinguishes fire on initial application Positive No Atmospheric
Persistence.png Persistence Allows the player to run quicker the lower their hunger is Positive No Atmospheric
Extension.png Extension Makes active potion effects last 18 seconds longer Positive Yes Autumnity
Foul taste.png Foul Taste Eating while the effect is active replenishes 50% more hunger points than normally Positive No Autumnity
Sugar rush.png Sugar Rush Makes the user faster for the first half, and slower for the second. Neutral No Neapolitan
Vanilla scent.png Vanilla Scent Prevents the user from receiving incoming effects Positive No Neapolitan
Restfulness.png Restfulness Resets the insomnia timer like if the player just slept Positive Yes Upgrade Aquatic
Insomnia.png Insomnia Increases the insomnia timer, causing phantoms to spawn Negative Yes Upgrade Aquatic
Repellence.png Repellence Poisons nearby entities Positive No Upgrade Aquatic
Vibing.png Vibing Gives regeneration to nearby entities Negative No Upgrade Aquatic

Effect IDs[edit]

Effect Namespaced ID
Spitting.png Spitting atmospheric:spitting
Relief.png Relief atmospheric:relief
Worsening.png Worsening atmospheric:worsening
Gelled.png Gelled atmospheric:gelled
Persistence.png Persistence atmospheric:persistence
Extension.png Extension autumnity:extension
Foul taste.png Foul Taste autumnity:foul_taste
Sugar rush.png Sugar Rush neapolitan:sugar_rush
Vanilla scent.png Vanilla Scent neapolitan:vanilla_scent
Restfulness.png Restfulness upgrade_aquatic:restfulness
Insomnia.png Insomnia upgrade_aquatic:insomnia
Repellence.png Repellence upgrade_aquatic:repellence
Vibing.png Vibing upgrade_aquatic:vibing


Icon Criteria Type Mod
Annotation 2020-08-22 170157.png Finally, Some Good Food Eat something good after eating foul berries. Normal Autumnity
Annotation 2020-08-22 170157.png Burn Victim Save yourself from burning using Aloe Leaves Normal Atmospheric
Scent.png Full Scent Obtain all Scented Candles. Challenge Buzzier Bees
Annotation 2020-08-22 170710.png Spit-take Hit an enemy with passion seeds from a passionfruit Normal Atmospheric
Annotation 2020-08-22 170933.png Sleepless Slave Create a Flare by afflicting a Phantom with Insomnia Normal Upgrade Aquatic
Bruh.png Vibe Check Brew a Lionfish into a Potion of Repellence and invert it with a Spider Eye for a Potion of Vibing Normal Upgrade Aquatic


  • Persistence 128 allows the player to travel as fast as Speed 255, anything higher than 128 will cause the player's screen to shake continuously.
  • Spitting 21 and up will one shot basic mobs, Spitting 255 will turn the player into an unstoppable machine gun, able to kill any non boss-mob. However boss mobs only require three or less bullets to be killed.