Poise Forest

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The Poise Forest is a common end biome. It generates 28% of the time in the End.


Pose Forests are home to the gargantuan poise trees, in which can inside have little ecosystems inside them. The ground here is made of patchy mix of End Stone and Poimoss. Patches of Eumus also generate, along with poise grass and bushes, which emit particles. Bolloom Buds also grow here which can only open by the native Puff Bugs. Booflos also spawn here.

Poise Forest
Type End
Rarity Semicommon
Temperature ?

Poise Dome, Poise Tree


End Stone, Eumus, Poimoss Eumus, Bolloom Bud, Bolloom Fruit, Poise Bush, Poise Stem, Glowing Poise Stem, Poise Cluster, Puff Bug Hive, Tall Poise Bush

Namespace ID endergetic:poise_forest