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List of mobs[edit]

Passive mobs[edit]

Passive mobs are harmless mobs that do not attack the player, even when provoked or attacked. Some of them are even breedable.

Nautilus Icon.png Slabfish Icon.png Snail Icon.png
Cassiopea Jellyfish Nautilus Slabfish Snail Apiarist

Neutral mobs[edit]

Neutral mobs are sometimes passive and sometimes hostile towards the player. Many neutral mobs only become hostile when attacked first, though others have other ways they can be provoked. Some may be naturally hostile with provocation.

Booflo Icon.png Creepie Icon.png Flare Icon.png Lionfish Icon.png Pike Icon.png Puffbug Icon Real.png
Booflo Box Jellyfish Creepie Flare Lionfish Pike Puff Bug

Hostile mobs[edit]

Hostile mobs are dangerous, aggressive mobs that always attack the player on sight.

Great Thrasher Icon Tweaked.png Skeleton Villager Icon.png Thrasher Icon.png
Great Thrasher Skeleton Villager Thrasher Griefer

Unused mobs[edit]

Unused mobs do not spawn naturally in-game but are functionally in game. They can be spawned only with the /summon command, or sometimes with Spawn Eggs.

Ululu Goose Grizzly Bear Black Bear Bumblebee

Removed mobs[edit]

Removed mobs no longer exist in current versions of certain mods.

Honey Slime