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Quark is a mod by Vazkii, and enhances the base game much like Minecraft Abnormals strives to.

When Quark is activated, Abnormals mods add compatibility for;

  • Wood Variant Bookshelves
  • Wood Variant Ladders
  • Wood Variant Chests
  • Leaf Carpets
  • Vertical Planks
  • Vertical Slabs
  • Compressed Blocks

Extra Configuration[edit]

Some admins want more control over MCA mods than we provide. Generally we don't have individual controls for specific mobs and blocks as there are specialized mods that handle this better.

If you need to control mob spawning we recommend mods like InControl from McJty.

For customizing recipies and changing item properties, CraftTweaker is a popular choice for pack makers.

Semi-official texture pack[edit]

'Farcr puts pixels in Abnormal ways' is an semi-official texture pack that Farcr has released while doing art for Minecraft Abnormals.

Support the team and try it out, and let us know on the Discord!


Optifine is Not Supported.

A lot of people use Optifine for both the boost in FPS and for the shader possabilities that it adds.

Remove Optifine before submitting errors. Coders cannot support OptiFine.

It is currently closed source, not allowed to be distributed, makes changes that randomly break mods, impliments shaders which changes the game experiance further, and makes changes deep within Minecraft code that normal modders often can't understand. It is also not official supported for certain modded/Forge versions. If you are having issues and you have Optifine running, you will be asked to confirm bugs without Optifine. Regardlessm always make sure you are running the latest Optifine for your version as they are released without warning.

Please refer to the official Optifine bug tracker and the official Optifine Discord as unfortunately we are physically unable to help.

Minecraft Versions[edit]

Abnormals only runs on 'Minecraft Java' via 'Forge' modding.

Other versions are Not Supported.

Currently it is not expected to be released on any other Minecraft platform like Bedrock / Fabric / Paper / Spigot / MCCreator / etc.

Most modders only support the most recent versions of Minecraft + Forge. Please do not ask for support for earlier versions that are availible.